Dr. Carlos Barron is a molecular biologist with basic medical background and years of extensive research experience in topics of medical relevance, both in academic institutions as well as in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

Experience in management and consulting, fluency in four languages, and expertise in integrating medical with molecular biological knowledge complete his profile.

University Cayetano Heredia, Peru:   Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Sciences
    Bachelor in Sciences
University of Konstanz, Germany:   PhD in Molecular Biology
University of Modena, Italy:   Dottore in Biological Sciences
Academic Research
Max-Planck-Institut, Munich:   Gene expression in P. falciparum (Malaria)
    Gene expression in P. aeruginosa (antibiotic resistance)
University Hospital of Modena:   Molecular Diagnosis of HBV (hepatitis)
University of Milan:   Splicing of the erythropoetin receptor RNA (hematopoiesis)
Professional experience
Roche (Boehringer Mannheim), Milan:   Head of Molecular Biology (R&D Oncology)
MolMed (Roche Company), Milan:   Head of QC & QA (GMP-products for gene and cell therapy)
Arevia, Berlin:   Director of Research and Operations (construction of a biobank)
Several institutions:   Consulting (biomedical and biopharmaceutical topics)
Barron Biomedical, Berlin:   Managing Director (Personalized Medicine)